Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Fun

This weekend we were busy with all kinds of Halloween Fun. Saturday we did some experiments with this:

CJ was thrilled with her witch's potion.

Then we made this little unit to make "ghost bubbles."

The picture doesn't do them justice but, the CO2 fills up the bubbles and if you are wearing gloves you are able to hold and bounce them! It was lots of fun.

Here's where I got the idea from If you click on the video you'll be able to watch how they are made.

Today we were off to a Halloween Party hosted by Sweet Sassy and Baby Boo. Here`s CJ with her hostess gifts:

Sassy went over the top for us to have a great Halloween Howler! There was a photo shoot set up for some great Halloween Photos.


Dancing - CJ learned all kinds of new moves - the Moonwalk, the Sprinkler, the Shopping Cart, and the Monster Mash.


And there was so much FOOD! Check out her blog soon to see more photos! Sassy, it was amazing! I`m glad we were able to come, thanks for having us! We are so glad to have made some new friends!


Saucy said...

No kidding Miss Sassy went over-the-top! She gets it from her parents. You should have seen the parties for her birthday, when she was a little babe in a flouncy dress! I'm older so I remember them well!

sassy studio said...

Dry ice...cooool! We must co-plan next year's boo party JL! I have been proudly displaying my fresh pumpkin arrangement but don't want to open my's too cute! What super treats!

Saucy said...

Hey can you enlighten me on where to get the dry ice? The Fan and I were pondering that today...

Jerri-Lea said...

OOPs, it seems that I'm too late to give you the dry ice info ~ I'm sure you were looking into it for the big party tonight. (Hope it went well!) I picked it up on 51st at the welding place across from Peavy Mart... Praxair.
Sorry I didn't check things sooner! Busy getting things ready for CJ's Halloween at school and trick or treating tonight, then it's CD's 1st birthday tomorrow. Busy busy busy.

sassy studio said...

Happy Birthday CD! OOOooooo I can't wait to read your Mom's blog about your special day! We opened out broom stick and LOVE LOVE LOVE out trick or treat shirt...fits perfectly! We wore it Wednesday AND are so nice to the Sprout and I thanks!!!!!