Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disney World 2009

We made it! It took a lot of planning and saving but we got our family to Disney World!! It was a fantastic trip!! Very busy and a lot of people but FUN! The weather was not what we had expected! Florida was experiencing near record cold weather and had freezing warnings most everyday, expect a price increase on oranges! Most mornings it was reporting 24F with the windchill. Now we are fine with cooler weather but in Florida I had planned on sun and warm!! The good thing was it seemed to keep the crowd levels down!

We met every possible character there was to meet, went on as many rides as possible (when I say rides I mean the slow moving, entertaining kind not the thrill kind)! Our family is usually up early so we went to the parks for opening ~ MUST DO! We walked on to almost every ride and attraction we wanted! Later in the afternoon at Epcot for example the wait time was 220 minutes for Test Track, the same ride that Moto-Moto had a 10 minute wait for earlier that morning!!

At Disney Studios CJ discovered that she really likes animating and is super good at it!! After her session with an animator she asked for their sketch and brought it home too! Similar sketches in the gift shop were priced $35-45!

CD posing at Rock 'n Rollercoaster (just like her namesake Dave!) Moto-Moto also rode this one with a 5 minute wait! Key is going early people!

We went to all 4 parks, saw the ocean at Sarasota in the Siesta Keys (beautiful beach!), were taken into a very
questionable neighbourhood by our GPS, had a couple of character dining experiences, took over 1700 photos, were treated to a Magical Moment, tripped and sprained my ankle on the last night there AND

had a Magical time!

I love how everywhere we went the girls were called princesses and we were told to have a magical time! Get your piggy banks ready, we are going back in 5 years!!
Thanks to everyone for your tips, gifts and help to make our trip such a good one!