Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Spa}wesome Birthday Party!

Just say '{spa}aaahhhhhh!"
What a relaxing birthday party!!
We lit candles, played relaxing {spa} music
and darkened the room...
Guests arrived and were walked through how to apply their facial masks.

Then they soaked their tired feet and were
treated to a pedicure.
They decorated flip flops with lime green and
pink fabric and ribbons so they'd
have something to wear home as their pedicures dried.
They also had a little hair flair added thanks to our friend Saucy.

Gift opening was determined by 'spin the nail-polish bottle.'

Vanilla cupcakes with lime green and pink vanilla butter cream frosting mmmm!

Guests took home a personalized bottle of water
(thanks Sassy)
and a 'slice of birthday cake' filled with lime green and pink Jellybelly beans, personalized kisses, a lip gloss and a lime green and pink cupcake necklace
that CJ made for each guest.
(We'll post the goodies tomorrow.)

CJ had a great day and said "it was the best day of her life!!"

I cannot believe that my daughter is already 7!!
I love you so much!!
Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Happy First Day of Summer!

It was a beautiful hot day here!

The girls and I make a
'summer fun' list
in our journals every year.
But these framed lists have been popping up everywhere in blogland (here is one place) so we decided to copy out our list, throw in some patterned paper and stick it in a frame.

(you can double click the picture to see what' on our list)

What's on your 'summer fun' list?!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea

do not

Father's Day!!

This is one of the things the girls made
Moto-Moto for Father's Day a
shirt! They made him a shirt similar to this for his birthday and he wears it ALL the time so CJ decided to make another.

You will need:
  • shirt
  • bleach in a spray bottle (I used it regular strength and didn't water it down at all, I wanted to see the change right away!)
  • spray adhesive
  • letters
~ you have to find letters that will be to scale on the shirt you are making. Moto-Moto is a big guy so we needed something that would work but not so big that it took up the whole front of the shirt (like the first one we made.) You could get foamy letters from $rama that are self stick or go to your local scrapbook store and use the die cut machine or cut them out by hand.
  • extra paper to mask off ANY area that you don't want to be bleached (remember to put some in between the layers of the shirt!)

Go outside!!
Arrange the letters on the shirt and mask off the area!
Turn the letters over and spray them with adhesive, place them back onto the shirt pressing down so you don't get any bleach bleeding under them.

Spray the bleach over the shirt and let it mist down for a more subtle effect. For a more dramatic change mist it right over the shirt but be careful as there can be some big drops of bleach come out.

See it starting to change colour?!

Carefully remove the paper.
Remember wherever you get bleach the colour will come out!

I only waited about 2-3 minutes for this.

When you are happy with how it looks run (don't walk)
to the sink and rinse it out immediately!
Then throw into the washing machine
and give it a good wash.
Ta da!

And for an added little detail:

The year he became a Dad!
It's on the back in a little circle just under the collar.

This is such a great, quick project that you'll be able to make a few in time for Father's Day.
Make sure you let me know what you made.
And if you can think of any other sayings share those with me too!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughtful Girl

Look what my darling daughter gave me just because:

What a sweet kid!
She made my day!!
I guess I must be doing something right!!

Can't wait until we have all summer together!
As CD would say, "Love my family!!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Girl Party

Announcing Potty Princess

Today was Big Girl Day for CD. She is officially potty trained so we went all out celebrating today!
First she delivered all her pull-ups to Baby S.
She doesn't need them now that she's a Potty Princess!!

Some rides at the park gave her time to work on her royal wave.

One of CD's favorite people made her the sweetest cupcakes in the most adorable inspiration-filled-personalized cupcake box. We read some of the hopes, wishes and advice on the way home. (She really could write a book! It was beautiful, kind and very touching!!) Thank you special lady!
CD could hardly wait to get home to see what the cupcakes looked like.

An excited and breathtaking "WOW"!

We are so very proud of you Big Girl!
You are indeed our Princess!!

(The announcement at the top is the little card she handed out to everyone today as she announced her arrival to all... "Announcing the Potty Princess, CD!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Puff Paint

Being stuck inside for most of the month we were looking for new craft ideas and found this one for puff paint. I didn't have self rising flour so just threw maybe 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder into 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of salt. Stir it up, throw in some food colouring and mix with enough water to make it into a paste similar to thick yogurt. We used cotton swabs to 'paint' with, though it was more of a dabbing technique that worked the best. Make sure you use heavy paper ~ we had some matt board scraps around and used those. When you are finished put it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Viola!

I think you can see how it 'puffs up' on this one. When it cools it'll be nice and hard.

The girls were pretty happy with their art work!

If we ever get sunshine we'll try it again and see if leaving them to 'bake in the sun' has the same effect.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

CJ's Craftiness!!

Here is the scrapbooking project that CJ created in May during Saucy's Scrap a Day in May event.
CJ did such an amazing job!! She used an upcycled board book for her mini, she picked the photos, the papers, the embellishments, put it together and did all the journalling herself. Mommy cut the paper, pulled out the embellishments she was looking for, drove her to Home Depot to pick up Mickey paint chips for some of her tags and got to visit with her while she created.

Packed full of tags and memories!

There are little hidden tags throughout.

Love how she used some bling to show off the photo of her holding Tinkerbell!

And check out, she made a grape soda bottle cap for on the tag behind the UP photo!

The Mickey tag here is one of the Home Depot paint chips.
(we also got doubles as extras to play Mickey memory)

Shells she found on the beach in Sarasota.

Another paint chip, but this one was used to journal for the Animal Kingdom page because it's shaped like a leaf. She spied that one too!

Lots of flowers on the Princess page but....

that's because they are more tags!

It really was a trip to remember!!
Can't wait to go again!
I tried talking Moto-Moto into going at the end of September because there is a super deal out but we are going to wait. The plan is in a few more years we'll go for a Halloween Party ~ trick or treat at the Magic Kingdom and meet all the Villians!