Friday, October 17, 2008

Haunted Gingerbread House

CJ decorated her Haunted Gingerbread House last night. I put it together for her with our homemade gingerbread and she did all the rest! She did a great job on it. It is so much fun creating things with her whenever we get the chance to. It is still hard to find time to do one on one things with her since little sister CD was born so I was glad that we got this one accomplished.
She worked very hard at getting it just right.

Here is the finished haunted house with a very proud designer.

And little Miss CD doing one of the things that she does best, sitting all cute.


Juanita said...

You do have beautiful girls. CJ looks very much like you.
I would love to see a family photo with you and your husband in it!
Coffee sounds like a great idea. It looks like your youngest and my boy are similar in age. I'm so glad you left a note!

Saucy said...

Using Peep ghosts was so smart! I might not make a house around here this year, we did one last year and of course nobody ate it... I ended up junking it. What a waste!

sassy studio said...

MMMM! It looks scarey enough to eat!