Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School

CJ has had her back to school outfit picked out for weeks now! Luck for us the weather will be super nice out so she'll have to wait to wear her super cute super skinny jeans.
I cannot believe how quickly my little girl has grown up! Grade 3... really?!

She's beginning to come out of her shell... she can be pretty quick and witty at times!

She LOVES to read so we had to do a photo with some of her favourite chapter books from the summer...

Good luck in Grade 3 darling, you'll do great!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Angry Birds

Backyard Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of our favorite
ipad games (and Cut the Rope)
so when I saw this birthday party idea, I knew we had to try it at home.

We had no trouble rounding up some empty boxes.
Borrowed some balls and used painter's tape to put on the faces. Moto-Moto rigged up a sling shot using some bungee cords and a plastic bowl...

With every shot the waiting crowd made the sounds of either the bird or the pig

Looks like this little girl enjoyed her day!!
(As did her Daddy!)

Happy Birthday Friend

One of my dearest friends (who shall not be named) celebrated a milestone birthday. Thanks to posa cosa I found
this cute idea ...

The tag says
"I can't believe
you're flippin'

Bubble Wrap Painting

Quick Easy Craft

Tape down some bubble wrap, paint with acrylic...

Place a piece of paper on top, smooth down to pick up the paint, peel off....

The girls painted over the same bubble wrap MANY times and made MANY MANY prints!! By the end most were looking like army camouflage.

Monday, August 8, 2011