Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Moto-Moto!

Yesterday Moto-Moto celebrated his birthday Dino-style ! CJ decided that he should have a dinosaur party "not because he's old, because I'm studying dinosaurs at school." So, we planned a picnic trip to the University and had lunch in the "Dinosaur Building" (Geology Building) among the dinosaur fossils.

We wanted to make a huge sub so we baked our bread in this ...

We wanted to decorate him more with cucumbers for spikes and other veggies but Moto-Moto doesn't like them so this is what he ended up looking like...

CJ also made and iced dinosaur cookies for dessert... she even made extra to share with her class tomorrow on their last day of dinosaurs.

We love walking around the University and we LOVE Moto-Moto...

Back at home CJ planned to free a dinosaur from the Ice Age, notice the protective eye wear ~ that's my girl~safety first!

Moto-Moto wanted brownies with peanut butter for his cake so we mixed some mini reeses cups into the batter and topped it with a Dinosaur! EASY!!

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for sharing your day and life with me!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!!

CJ and I are hoping that by creating these dragonflies we can hurry Spring on her way to town. We found the great idea to make dragonflies out of Starburst candies here . If for whatever reason that link isn't working on your end try it this way We've packaged them up and they are ready to take flight to spread some spring joy. Maybe some will make their way to your house!

Tomorrow is Moto-Moto's birthday... wait and see what CJ has planned for that!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

CJ made some chocolate shamrock lollipops for a little treat today, she did a great job but had a hard time waiting for them to set up before she could eat it!

Little CD was thrilled with hers and devoured it in no time... no surprise!

CJ was sure that she'd catch a leprechaun this year! She decided she needed that pot of gold so she could go to Disneyworld. She created this trap out of a tall can...

She even made sure that he knew where to get the gold ...

Her gold was glued on top of a paper trap door... "when he falls in there is no way he can get out because it is tall and slippery inside." She made a few homey touches by making him a little cotton bed and using one of her pet shop chairs inside.

At 6:50 this morning I was woken to
"Mommy hurry, I think we got him this year!"

It would appear that he was caught and we were about to collect our pot of gold and start packing when we noticed this tiny little grappling hook on the side.

Darn that little trickster!! He also turned the water in the toilet green as well as the girls yogurt for breakfast... He was nice enough to leave some gold coins, the tiniest note I ever saw, and a St. Patrick's Day outfit for Abasuti (one of CJ's many Build-a-Bears.)
Did any leprechauns visit your house?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trivia Question

Today I was looking through some exams and noticed this bonus question:

In an enclosure at the Forestry Farm you view peacocks and pigs.
There are 30 eyes and 44 feet. How many of each animal are there??

There were some very interesting answers I must say!

So, how are your math skills?
Can you figure it out and what method did you use??
Moto-Moto used trial and error but I came up with a formula!

Good luck!!

(Assume that both animals are not missing nor gained any body parts.)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

CD'S Big Accomplishment

The following post contains explicit material intended for Mommy audiences.
Viewer discretion is advised.

The girls were enjoying their Lush bath with this ...

... when we noticed that CD seemed to be very still and quiet so we whisked her out of the bath, dripping and bewildered and put her on the potty...

Much to our surprise

CD #2-ed on the potty for the first time!!

CJ has had many a bath that we had to evacuate so this accomplishment was just as big a victory for her. As reward CD received high praise, got to phone Daddy (how she loves to talk on the phone!) and a Hershey's kiss. I am in no hurry to get her potty trained, she is only 16 months but if she's interested then I'm all for it!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Future Scrapbooker
CJ and I had a little time to spend together while her sister was napping and Daddy (Moto-Moto) was out grocery shopping. CJ decided that she wanted to do some scrapbooking... she did a great job!! She picked out most of her own supplies and away she went! It was so nice to spend some time creating and visiting with her.

Yes, these really are the pages designed by my 5 1/2 year old!!

Thanks to Pam for the goodies she used on her Miley page. CJ had fun doing the rub-on letters. Can you tell that she's been checking out scrapbook pages by Pam with me?

We really are lucky to have such a wonderful daughter! She is so kind hearted, caring, loving and FUNNY. She makes us laugh everyday! How proud I am to be her Mommy. I love you CJ!