Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

What a beautiful night it was to enjoy trick or treating with the girls. I sure don't remember it ever being like that when we went out. All our costumes were designed to be worn over snowsuits. (Ha) Here are the girls ready to go on our rounds to visit some of our friends. (Thanks to Baba for making CJ's tiger costume & one for her puppy friend.)

Then we joined our friend and took the dogs out with us. I don't know if CD & Thompson were thrilled with their costumes at this point.

CJ & Hudson on the other hand were ready to pose.

All through collecting and time for supper.

This is one of the least balanced and nutritious meals I've ever made for CJ, but it was a special day. We had mashed potatoe ghosts, (dry rib) bones, mummy-dogs, salad & spiced witches brew (raspberry juice & gingerale).

Dessert was brownies topped with the chocolates that CJ helped make.

It sure was a nice first Halloween for CD!


sassy studio said...

I LOVE the tiger suit! What a talented Baba! The meal looks delish.....I saw at least 3 food groups there Mom!

Saucy said...

Oh, on Halloween no kiddie eats a balanced meal, no matter how much Mommie tries. You did exceptionally well, especially with the baked potatoes.