Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Photo Shoot

CJ & I set up a photo shoot for our Christmas card while CD had a nap. As soon as she was up the Elves got to work in Santa's Workshop. Here are some of the images I captured:

Any thoughts on a favourite? Should I do a single one or a few together?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Give Away

Pop on over and visit Kendra at My Insanity for a journal give away.
She has a
child's journal up for grabs that looks great.
CJ started her journal when she was 3 and we love reading through them. She really enjoys seeing how far her printing has come along and all the things that kept her busy when she "was a little girl".

Tomorrow I'm off to join Saucy & Sassy and 14 other ladies for an afternoon of laughs and construction of Christmas Charm bracelets. I'm still finishing my charms for the sway after some technical difficulties. I ended up making two different ones because I'm not 100% thrilled with how they turned out... Saucy really is the master!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa Claus Parade

We started our tradition last year by starting with brunch downtown (that way we are able to park our car on the parade route). I was dishing CD up a plate and she was yelling at me across the restaurant "Mommy see me? Mommy get me food?" She enjoyed the herb crusted pork loin the best!

CJ did a good job of picking a balanced brunch herself and did NOT enjoy the pork loin but had a few helpings of the little oven roasted potatoes and pickled beets. Dessert was a big hit!

Quick little photo shoot by the fireplace.

Nice and bundled for the parade, Moto-Moto and I joined them for a cuddle to enjoy the parade together.

There he is! It's Santa!

The girls had their pictures with Santa while Mrs. Claus and I visited. She was quite interested on how I made the girls Christmas ruffle jeans. Maybe they will be a big trend and elves will be busy working on them for next year!?

CJ was the winner of the parade colouring contest for the second year in a row! She told me, "Mommy, it's all about the glitter. That's why I won!" Maybe I'll try a little on the next lottery ticket I buy! She picked up her prize from Santa after the parade and she got...

Hal Moose from Build-a-Bear sporting his winter outfit!

It's a great start to the Christmas season!
So while we get ready to decorate for Christmas this weekend...

Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Cakes!!

The other night my darling 2 year old
wheeled out her luggage and said,

"Bye Mommy. Saucy's house. Make me little cakes!"

Now, I've made me some cupcakes around here and learned from the best but I guess they just aren't as good as Saucy's!! We ran into Saucy and the Fan on the weekend at the
fancy schmancy garden store downtown
while browsing for Christmas decorating ideas and I told them the story.... well just look what was delivered today!!

Little Cakes!!

She knew right away who they were from and was THRILLED!

What a lucky little girl!!
She definitely loves her LITTLE CAKES from SAUCY!

Thanks again for such a
sweet treat for our little lady!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wacky Hair Day

First Wacky Hair Day

CJ celebrated her first ever
Wacky Hair Day at School. I was stumped for ideas with her shorter hair style (and it's thick and doesn't hold any kind of curl) so we did our "meatball hair" ~ we often do it when play beauty shop. Pinned in some snowflake confetti and gave her some blue streaks with my Christian Dior hair mascara.
The photo doesn't show it off too well. It was a quick shot before heading off to school & work. She reminded me a little of Cindy Lou Who in the Jim Carey version of The Grinch

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are ...


We finally got around to shooting a couple of photos at the awesome mural here in town! We only got a few as it is on a very busy major street and I was on my own with the girls while Moto-Moto was working on more home renos. I had to shoot as quickly as possible and not too worried about the sun spots... I was more worried about CD taking a run & having to tackle her before she got close to the street.
Glad we made it there!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

CD's PJ Birthday Party

CD had so much fun with her friends, running around and climbing on the play structure! She is such a big girl now!
We played "Who Stole the Cookie", four corners, and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff (one of my favorites).

Sharing her special day with some special people.
Even the bigger girls had fun! Look at how the Sprout is admiring the birthday girl!!

"Little cakes" were made using the wonderful instruction of Saucy!

Big sister decorated these!

Milk and cookie favors.
This was a wedding favor idea I found somewhere but fit perfectly with our pj party theme. The poem reads "It is a delicious moment, certainly, that of being nestled in bed and feeling that you should drop gently into sleep. Sweet Dreams!" Guests also left with a story book to cuddle up with and enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who made our little girl's special day a great one!
Thanks to Sassy's McDreamy for bringing the Sprout,
hope he's feeling better!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Pumpkin

the costumes

the family


Thanks friends for all the wonderful
Halloween Treats!!

Tomorrow CD's 2nd Birthday Party! She had lots of fun and fell asleep as
soon as she was put to bed! It was nice to have her special friend
The Sprout! Hope you had fun even though you were a little under the weather.