Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Countdown

Here's our version of the Pottery Barn Halloween Countdown Calendar. Online at Pottery Barn Kids it started at $59, WAY too much for me to spend on a little felt and yarn so I whipped one up in a few evenings. It turned out pretty good I think. I'm not sure if we'll include the dates on ours or not.
We threw on some webs for added spookiness. I decided not to fill the whole thing with candy so some of the spaces have little notes for activities (Dutch Grower's Pumpkin Maze, Baby Boo's Halloween Party by sweet sassy studio, cookie decorating at Michaels.) After all CJ doesn't need lots of candy! And CD is only 11 months old with 4 teeth so she doesn't get any!

1 comment:

sassy studio said...

Oh My! I LOOOOOOVE your wall art! That is the coolest and spookiest house I have ever seen! You are one creative Gal. Just where do you find the time with 2 babes?????? Be proud!