Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday ... Me!

It started the night before, teehee. Saucy had us over for some treats and a visit. (Sassy, I picked up that cheese and it is already 1/2 gone!! CJ loves it!) I only planned on staying a little while BUT we had so much fun and laughed so hard!! (Ask KAGS she'll tell you!) Next thing I knew it was 1:45 AM!! Yikes! So much fun, thanks Saucy!!

My family treated me to a very special day!
Moto-Moto asked what I wanted for my birthday ~ Michael Buble to sing me Happy Birthday and a salad from Moxies. First thing in the morning (after I was woken by my princesses) I heard that incredible voice singing to me... well to someone n
ames "Emily" but close enough. (Michael did sing to my cousin while she worked at the Auditorium. She is so lucky!)

Then breakfast of fresh carrot muffins, fruit salad, cheeses and
with LOTS of pulp was waiting for me.

Moto-Moto thought it funny to give me this card...

I'm not THAT old! If you notice he cut it in half!!! Very clever!

My dear friend Viki (aka my wife) made me my favourite soup,
r potatoe dill! SO GOOD!

We spent the day visiting and playing, receiving my birthd
ay wishes from near and far.
More food! Supper was a delicious medium rare steak, butternut
fresh multigrain bread and a fancy salad.

The girls were waiting for dessert, chocolate brownie with Turtle ice cream. MMMM

OH, the gifts. The girls got me memory cards for my camera
and a clip on light for the craft room.
Moto-Moto wants to spoil me with this

or this HP netbook.

I don't know... I think it's way too much!!! Any suggestions??

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Clean Fun

My friend who teaches kindergarten gave me this idea...

spread a whole bunch of shaving cream on the table and let the kids go wild.
We used the cheapest yet most unscented stuff we could find.
HINT: make sure you smell the stuff first ~ there is some really terrible "old-man-cologne" stuff out there.

It is such a great activity for the girls outside in the summer.
They can make words in it on the picnic table, little soft sculptures OR

use it as lotion which CD does a lot of.

It is super easy to clean up with the garden hose and the table always comes out super clean afterwards.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Holiday

We spent a weekend enjoying a little bit of Alberta.
We took the girls to Drumheller to the dinosaur museum since CJ learned all about them. CD didn't really enjoy it so much, "Mama, 'saur tare(scare) me! Roar." It was a lot to take in! We also stopped to see the World's Largest Dinosaur in downtown and had a look at the Hoodoos.

In Calgary we spent a day at the zoo. It was incredible!! I love the eyelashes on the giraffes! And being from the Canadian Prairies I had no idea how big hippos were... they are HUGE!
We saw a baby gorilla ~ C.U.T.E!!!!

The next morning before heading home we went to Telus World of Science. It was amazing! The girls had so much fun! They had some digital pond that would make ripples when you walked on it, a floor you could walk on and make musical sounds, a virtual plane to fly, a theatre where you could put on a play, change your costumes, control the lighting, change the set ~ it was great. Moto-Moto and I had lots of fun there.
Lots of science experiments. Physics problems and experiments. A toddler room with busy-beavers water play, a climbing structure, a store to play in.
An interactive Robert Munsch diplay.
That place was SO much fun!! We went right in the morning when it opened and had the whole place to ourselves!! It was super! OH, Moto-Moto and I even tried to lay on a bed of nails!! Too cool!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bubble Tea

Thanks to Mae and Edna we went to Bubble Mania in Calgary.
Mmmmm, it was so good! CJ ordered the Shooting Star Blended Drink & Moto-Moto had a Mint Chocolate Milkshake, both with pearls. CD really enjoyed them and asked "more, more chewies!"
What I wasn't told was how energizing they were! The cafe is only open 5pm-1am so we enjoyed them later in the evening. The girls were jacked-up and didn't go to bed until 11pm!! (They are usually in bed by 8:30!)

A must have if you are in Calgary.
Auntie Viki and I are going to try Bubble Tea here though Mae said the best ones are in Calgary at Bubble Mania