Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Sunshine

No pictures, what was I thinking?

But try to imagine our day yesterday...
we packed the girls up to spend the afternoon at the lake. On the way we stopped at the 'Girls Tea Party'~ we cracked the windows on the van so Moto-Moto wouldn't get too hot, took his wallet and went in to do some shopping. There was a collection of AMAZINGLY talented ladies selling fabulous products!

{cupcake} Delight
RK Jewellry
Polka Dot Piggy Designs

Were the few that we stopped to say hi to. If only Moto-Moto had more cash in his wallet!

Off to the lake...we dug in the sand, walked on the beach, searched for frogs, CD ran down the hill, fell into the water & got completely soaked, had a snack & played a couple games of bocce ball. Came home happy & exhausted.
It was a great day!!

Saucy's Scrap a Day in May update...
I'm a little behind(okay still a lot behind but as a scrapbooker I don't think you can ever really get caught up). CJ has been doing a great job on her Disney mini album.
She should have it complete this week and ready to show off!
Then you'll have to wait for her next upcycle idea!!!
She's a crafty one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I spent the day with my two lovely little girls! We had our annual Mother's Day photos taken and I spent the day soaking in the love!! I am so blessed!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The girls and I made a quick trip to visit my Mom, sister and nieces on Monday (before it started to snow). CJ always wants to go look for snakes with her cousins... yes there are MANY garter snakes where they live. We did a lot of high steppin' (that'd be me) through the grass in the field where they usually are and CJ was a little disappointed not to find any. We continued on our walk and Auntie let out a scream then ran after a snake. Oldest cousin picked it up, handed it to CJ and she played with it all the way back to Auntie's. Imagine city kid CJ letting it squiggle through her (gloved) fingers.

I must really love my children because I let them
bring it home!

I was terrified that it would get loose in the car and we'd crash, but we made it.
I didn't sleep very well all night. At one point I heard hissing but refused to get out of bed just in case. I later realized it was our cat hissing at neighbour cat outside. Whew.
Snake was still in it's cage. After 24 hours in our care it was then relocated to school where all the city kids can enjoy observing it before it is released far far away from my house!

Next the girls want a salamander!