Monday, December 1, 2008


So I've been tagged by to do the blog game

7 Random Things

which I'll give a try. Unfortunately I've never had much luck with these kinds of things going very far. Remember in high school all the chain letters we wrote with hopes of receiving 25 pairs of socks or postcards from all over the world. I would have been happy with a couple of things making them my way but they never did. BUT here we go . . .

Random Thing # 1
I am still longing for the return of my favorite drink from Starbucks. It was like heaven in a cup. I still remember the day when my dear 3 year old CJ ordered it and the barrister said that he couldn't bear to serve us and tell her that it was no longer available. I miss the CHANTICO. Anyone have the mix hidden somewhere in the Starbucks Warehouse?

Random Thing # 2
Hi, my name is Jerri-Lea and I'm a pack-rat. I hang on to EVERYTHING. I must say that I do come by it naturally though. I still have sentimental notes from high school, OK so I have clothes from high school too, but really who didn't love the 80's fashion. My husband says that soon we'll need to move to a bigger house for all my crap. But honey, it's all I have in the world!

Random Thing # 3
I love winter. NO, not so much the cold and ice, just the fact that it is so cold that all the creepy, disgusting garter snakes are no longer around. They are underground somewhere that I cannot see. A couple of summers ago when I was home on the "farm" I nearly had a bicycle accident trying to avoid a pencil sized serpent that crossed my path. Ewww.

Random Thing # 4
I DO like frogs and salamanders. Maybe it has something to do with them having legs. This summer we had 3. It was quite sad when after a year with us Alicia passed away. Felix went back to Pike Lake for the winter and Diego has happily taken residence in his little habitat that CJ & Daddy have made. Yes, we make the trip to the pet store every couple of weeks for crickets. Hint: DO NOT let a cricket escape they get HUGE and LOUD!

Random Thing #5
I'm a terrible procrastinator!

Random Thing #6
I LOVE chips and dip!! MMMMmmmmmmm, crunch, crunch.

Random Thing # 7
I truly am blessed! It was a long road to parenthood but I'm so glad we are here! I often tell CJ & CD "I made a wish and you came true!"

There you have it, now I've been asked to tag others and we will see where this goes so lets try:

Thanks gals!
If you decide to play, here are the rules:
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Saucy said...

I love that you made a wish and it came true! Love it.

Have you ever tried: salt and vinegar chips with herb and spice dip? Seriously. Try it.

sassy studio said...

I am blinking back the tears about your wish! I love wishes like that!
Great randomness!!!!!! I too am a chips fan..any flav will do!
Your pictures of your toggles are great-I searched the city for a pickle for our tree and found one at Lawson mall! I love your tradition and just have to steal it!