Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Treats

What better way to spend an evening . . . listening to Michael Buble's Let it Snow ( I love him!! Really love him. I saw him in concert last January and it was incredible. A girlfriend treated me for a baby gift! How sweet was that!) Okay, so I'm listening to Michael AND finishing up some treats.

This started out as Sassy's Moose Munch. Check out her recipe at I had some melted dark chocolate left over from pretzels so I took a couple cups of caramel corn, and the same amount of mini marshmallows and broken graham crackers, made a little "goodie salad" and used the chocolate as dressing. Cooled it outside ( because it's freezing and there is NO room in my freezer) then broke up and dumped the chocolate salad back into the remainder of the caramel corn.

Now Sassy, dig out your paper crimper and make waxed paper "chip bags" and fill with 'Gourmet Moose Munch'. Then to jazz it up I made a bigger "chip bag" and put on a label.

Then it was on to finish CJ's class treats for tomorrow. We used our Stampin Up punches to make little snowman faces (with those two Sharpie colours) & added some ribbon to some mint patties for instant treats and a little ornament ... if it makes it to the tree.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!!! I love the mint patty snowman. And the chip bags.

sassy studio said...

Mini bags of gourmet moose munch! How do you think of these things! I am sooo impressed with the little clean and un-germy! Brilliant! The little snowmen are sooooooo cute! You are so talented I feel so lucky to know you and be able to steal your great ideas for my family! Keep up the super ideas for us all!
xox Sassy

Saucy said...

Again you beguile us with your crafty ways! Chip bags! You're so clever. I'm sure to find a crimper in the new year, as you keep showing me new ways to use one.

We were at Michael Buble also! Veto took his girls: me, Loopy and The Fan. It was a wonderful concert, wasn't it. I lurrve him now, it's a serious crush.

Pam said...

I love the little bags...where do I get my hands on a crimper???

HAve a great Christmas!!!!

Jerri-Lea said...
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Jerri-Lea said...

Hi all, the crimper is by Fiskar and available at Michaels BUT remember to use a coupon for it. I picked mine up off kijiji for $10 so if you want to try your luck posting an add to see if anyone wants to get rid of their's it might be worth it.
I'll see what other uses I can come up with.


Cute Idea. I am going to have to check out the paper crimper. I had no idea it would do that.