Tuesday, December 23, 2008

M& M Pretzel Treats

We are still busy here at Mrs. Claus' kitchen. Every year I think we have things done and I'm still "making a mess" as Bob says! Here is what CJ & I made this morning. I saw it on some blog awhile ago and can't remember where so if this is your idea THANK YOU and leave me a comment. You need waffle pretzels which we found at Superstore, HUGS and M&Ms which were are Walmart.

Place the waffle pretzel on a baking sheet. Get your helper to unwrap the HUGS and put one in the middle of each pretzel. Place in a 200 degree oven for about 3 minutes. Make sure you watch them, you only want them to melt a LITTLE or you'll have a mess!
Take them out, press a M&M in the middle of each one. Let them set again. (If you live somewhere cold just throw them out on the deck for a few minutes and that'll do it. NOT too long or your M&Ms will crack ~ ours did.)

I think they look kind of fancy ~ Saucy will be proud!


Anonymous said...

They are great! I used those pretzels this year fro ust plain old dipping, then topped them with an M&M, but will definately do these next year! Thanks! D

Saucy said...

I'm very proud, indeed. I bet the combo of salty with that chocolate is yummy. I'm going to give this a try, but this year it's too late to make more of a mess Veto and Bob think alike. When Sassy swung by this evening, I was simultaneously making liver pate, a cheesecake, the stuffing, mini quiche and trying to ice the last of the cookies.

Honestly, I thought I was more prepared.