Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Win it Wednesday

Ice Ring Pops!!!

The princesses were delighted when we found popsicle moulds shaped like rings!!!

They'd like to share a set with you!!
Leave a comment by Thursday May 26th at midnight and we'll post the winner Friday morning!


cpsalm139k said...

well first is it leave a post and make it eye popping like ....i have a little girl soon to be 7 yes 7 this june 14th and i know would go gaga excitted over a ring pop ice treat!!! she is your cousin and her name is Elizabeth Kardal and i am not sure what else to say but i think it is very thoughtfull to want to give one away so someone else can enjoy the same treat as both of you seem to be enjoying!!!......PICK ME PICKME PICK ME HEHEHE we are the family from winterpeg(winnipeg) cindy k here

cindy k said...

i thought that was a good comment or is it the most posts will win !!! i hope we get the nice weather to enjoy them also!! cindy again writing for my sunset who is in school! hope you are getting nice weather.....maybe will post every 8 hours or soo to checkout my competition;o)

sassy said...

ahhh! so cool! you find the most amazing things! my sprout asked why ronald mcdonald wears lip gloss today........better stay from rings but I would wear one everyday ALL summer with your princesses!