Thursday, May 19, 2011

Twinkle Toes

This is especially for M & E
(Music Teacher's Daughters)

DIY Twinkle Toes / Glitter Toes

Take ANY colour nail polish you have at home & glitter from the $store... (all that glitter was $1!)

Working one foot at a time, paint your nails and pour glitter all over the wet nails. If you pour the glitter over a piece of paper it is easy to dump the extra glitter back into the container for your next project. LIGHTLY tap the glitter into your polish being careful not to smear it.

You can put a top coat on if you'd like to last a bit longer.

All you need is one bottle of nail polish and glitter... we have a drawer full of glitter so will have beautiful twinkle toes all season!
(Music Teacher, if you want a mess free project send the girls outside and the wind will take care of all the extra glitter that might not make it back into the container :)


Anonymous said...

I am so doing this weekend with my little princess when we are camping. Once again you have inspired me. Have a great long weekend. Sandra

sassy said...

love it! It is a must for all girls-the more glitter the better! (PS if Wed is a day off for you there just might be a teacher appreciation swim party 10ish weather permitting!) Call us!