Friday, May 6, 2011

At the Lake

We had one nice day while on spring break and joined friends out at the lake... the kids thought it was great to dig in the sand, walk in their bare feet and check out all the creepy crawlies in the water (whatever they were there sure were A LOT of them!)

Good times on the playground...

CJ brought her BFF to hang with...

And an incredible pot luck lunch! It may have been a mistake to leave CD at the table with all the food!

There were even left over marshmallow Peeps to roast on the fire! Who knew roast chick and roast bunny would taste so good (teehee).

Mmmm, my first ever S'meep!

We had a great afternoon and left just as the big dark rain clouds rolled in! Thanks for organizing our fun day Sassy and the Sprout!


sassy said...

ooo it was soooo fun! It was total friend joint effort! We will do again! (your gals are always perfect princesses!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including B in your day!! Happy Mother's Day!!