Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Frothy the Snowman"

So we took a little trip down to LUSH, mmm. They had a free gift promo on and all we had to do was dress like our favorite snowman, EASY! Throw on a dollar store hat, white shirt with felt buttons, a scarf and some red glittery rosy cheeks and get a $13.95 Frosty the Snowman Gift Set for FREE. Not bad! We both dressed up and the gals at LUSH snapped our picture after ooing and ahhing over how cute we were. I think they were really paying attention to CJ!!


sassy studio said...

SOOO cute! Both gals melt my heart!
xox Sassy

Saucy said...

Promos like that blow me away... what a cool idea. Your snowgirl looks ad.or.a.ble.

Loopy and I are allergic to LUSH (booooo) but I think it is a very cool company.

Jennspiration said...

I have a link on my post for the crochet hat, but if it isn't highlighted on your end, here is the link...I have a link on my post, but if it isn't highlighted on your end, here is the link... I did the crochet version, she has a knit and crochet pattern on there. I altered mine a little bit, but still turned out cute. I'd love to see your version!