Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday !

Last November 1st we welcomed our second daughter into our family! Time goes by so VERY quickly! I am so glad that we have the opportunity to stay home with our children for at least one year. I am so blessed to be a Mom ~ we thought it would NEVER happen. After our 10 year journey we are very lucky to have our two healthy beautiful daughters. Here is CD just a few minutes old.

We threw CD's birthday lunch yesterday and had Grandma, Grandpa and her cousins come by. She had a Rubber Ducky party which was important to me but that's a story for another time.

Cookie favors

The poem says, "The party's over, I'm officially one. Thanks for coming, I hope you had fun. Here's a favour from me to you. See you next year when I turn two."
The cake

More favours. The face cloth bundles have a little bar of Baby Dove, mini bubbles and a party rubber ducky.
This is the picture that I put on her invitations.

Games & stories

Cake time!



This is what happened when big sister tried to have a turn feeding the duck

Happy Birthday my darling! I love you so much!! Hope you had a fun day.


Saucy said...

Nothing is as fun as a good theme birthday party and I just lurrve lurrve lurvve your duckies! One year old! How adorable. The duck theme is inspired, especially the photo on the invites! Tell that sweetheart Happy Birthday from Saucy!

sassy studio said...

I love duckies! Remind me to tell you about the duck family that McDreamy and I raised last year.....we had septuplets and I cried when we set them free! The cake, the favors, the games great party! Those gals are so lucky to have you! PS You didn't serve duck for lunch right?!

Jerri-Lea said...

No ducks were not served! CJ wanted duck shaped sandwiches but we had rice pilaf, souvlaki, salad and garlic toast because CD LOVES to eat!

Kendra said...

Thanks for coming to my party!

I did the duck theme for my son's first birthday. I need to blog about it someday. I Love your favors! Both sets! The cookies are so cute. And her adorable picture in the tub...perfect! The other thing I think is fun, is how you tied in the presents with the theme. I usually do that too, but didn't think most people did. Great party!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Love the duck theme...too cute! Thansk for sharing!