Saturday, September 1, 2012

Road Trip Day 9 & 10

 Sea World

We took the hotel shuttle from Days Hotel to Sea World... so nice to sit back and let someone else do the driving for awhile.
We arrived at Sea World and went to see...

Baby Beluga 

 We even sang a little Baby Beluga by Raffi!
 Dashed over for the One Ocean show...
as soon as the whales came out the tears started streaming down my cheeks... they are absolutely beautiful animals!

 Moto-Moto went to look into how much it would cost to "Dine with Shamu" ($130+tax) for lunch... a little too much for our budget. So we walked around the area and found an amazing little corner where there was a plexiglass viewing area and snapped some photos. Priceless!!

CJ's other love is dolphins... so we went over to Dolphin Encounter and had the kids lay up on the side of the exhibit... when the trainer came by we buddied up to her and chatted a bit... CD said "I want to feed a dolphin" and the trainer blew her whistle, gave CD a fish and she tossed it into the mouth of Gracie. I did some more chatting with the trainer and two girls from the Prairies got to hang out with a dolphin for a good 5 minutes!!


Day 10 Coronado Beach


The photos tell it all!!

 Day 11, 12 & 13 back to Disneyland!!

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