Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 12 & 13

Back to Disneyland

Extra Morning Hour

We arrived at the park EARLY so CJ could ride Space Mountain again... CD and I went on Astroblaster 5 times while Moto-Moto and CJ did Space...

CD & I went to Space Mountain to try and get pictures of CJ & Moto-Moto finishing the ride but we just missed them so we all decided to do it one more time because it was a 10 minute wait...

CD & I = terrified
CJ & Moto  = lovin' it!

AND today was the day to meet as many characters as we could before meeting up with someone very special! (Guess who!)

Our first princess we looked for was Snow White I thought that I saw her by the wishing well on our other DL days but we never were able to find her!

On our way to Princess Fantasy Faire we ran into Ariel.


At Fantasy Faire we met


& Tiana…
 she told us about the bayou and what happens when you kiss a frog. She loved CJ’s Tiana cameo that I made.

A quick zip over to Toontown to meet

Then the text came in and it was time to meet up with...

BFF and her family!!!

The BFFs were so exited to have a photo in front of the castle ...

Then we all left the park together to go across to DCA to ride 
Grizzly River Run
 I told Ballerina that early in the morning I’d never seen the line more than 20 minutes. Of course when we got there it was 45 minutes long (then the ride broke down for awhile and we ended up standing in line waiting a lot longer… on the bright side it gave everyone lots of time to visit!)

BFF was pretty worried about the ride but by the time it was done said she loved it and would do it again! It was so great to share memories with our friends that we have become so close to!!

 We split up again and went to enjoy more of  DCA. We enjoyed lunch at Paradise Garden Grill then stopped at Animation Academy and sketched Minnie. It was a long day (since we started our day at the park by 7 am) so we called it a day and spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool and water park at HOJO.

Day 12 

Disney California Adventure (DCA)
We went early in hopes to ride RSR again but it didn’t start until 10am & the fastpass line was crazy busy so we  rode Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. Cute but very short!

Took our time on our last day at Disney to explore Carsland…

Stopped in at Radiator Springs Curios looking for some Carsland postcards but the ones we wanted were only designed and given out to the VIPS at Carsland opening.

We spent time looking for some hidden Mikeys

 It was still super early so we hopped over to Disneyland

 10 minute wait so we jumped in line for Splash Mountain...

 Rode it twice and CJ got soaked!

We used Photopass for lots of our DL photos... this way I can be IN some of our family photos (and you can add cute borders and signatures)... our photos of the castle were missing from our photopass account... luckily I usually handed my camera to the photographers and got them to snap one with my camera as well. This way I had one to sent to the photopass peeps & they were able to locate our photos.  

from our camera

Attempt #2 to meet Rapunzel... the line was crazy busy on our other days (75 min +) so we found out that we could line up 1/2 hour before her scheduled appearance ~ excellent. I can handle a 1/2 hour wait!

If you've seen the movie you'll know that Rapunzel defends herself with a frying pan... well CD took one along with her... she walked up to Flynn and said "back off you ruffian!"

She really only took her frying pan for them both to sign.. it was their first!  Can you believe it?! We spent a lot of time with them!! Flynn made up many sentences for the girls using the info he learned while visiting. This was their favorite...
" C&C from Canada with a cat named Mac"

One of our best character interactions of the trip! 

We checked the wishing well again in hopes to see Snow White and were surprised to meet The Evil Queen! (CD had her princess dresses in the bottom of our stroller and made a quick costume change for the photo. I felt sorry for some of the little girls who wore them all day in the heat!)

Psst Moto-Moto I want to go back at Halloween to meet all the Villians! 
And go trick or treating in Disneyland how cool is that?!

We took a break from the park and came back after supper for Fantasmic (Mickey battles good vs evil) on Rivers of America. Apparently people secure a spot at 5pm waiting for the 9pm show... what?! That's crazy talk!

We are way too smart to sit around waiting for 4 hours!! So we followed this excellent advice on Disboards and arrived 30 minutes before the show... some other Dis-ers were already there with the BEST viewing option no worries ~  we shuffled down a little but still had a pretty good view for arriving just before showtime!!

It was our last night at Disney and CJ really wanted to see the neon signs at Carsland at night so back across to DCA...

It was pretty incredible!

I wanted to have a quick stop at Mad T Party on our way out...

 The girls would have loved it but they were EXHAUSTED!!

 CD was really sleeping in this picture and CJ was not far off!!!

Tomorrow we say farewell to Disney until next time!


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