Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 17

 We left San Fran and drove the coast up to Klamath CA and spent the night in a teeny tiny cabin in the Redwood Forest.

 I was a little worried when I saw these signs all along the highway..

Day 17
Early in the morning we checked out for our LONG driving day ahead but first stopped at...
A 'drive thru tree'. It is hard to picture how HUGE these wonders really are!! I stood in awe at their incredible size. They really are amazing! Imagine how much of the planet they used to cover!!

We drove a couple miles up the road to 

CD found Big Foot!

This tree is called 'The Family Tree.' It has 12 different trees growing from one living tree supported by one trunk. Incredible!
After a pretty good hike, we took the Sky Trail lift to the top of the Redwood Forest canopy...


 Back down...

I am so glad that we were able to experience a morning with these giants!


 The funniest story of the morning was when we first arrived... CD ran ahead of us and started screaming hysterically... she was shaking her foot and really freaking out. CJ kept saying, "I told you not to step on that banana peel!" When we caught up we discovered that CD had not stepped on banana peel but a large yellow banana slug (much bigger than the one here) and it stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She gave a her foot a few more good shakes until it finally flung off! She mentioned to the locals inside what happened as we were a little worried they might be as precious as the trees. They were not too alarmed and happy that there was one less slug outside. Banana slugs were not quite as huge as the Redwoods but still giant slugs to us!! eww

 So much fun! I love that we were able to do this trip! Thanks Moto-Moto! I love you!

 Looking back it was a really busy day! More driving ahead of us and one of the highlights of the trip for CD! This was on her list before we started our road trip.. 

(guess what the next part of our adventure was?!)

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