Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Spa}wesome Birthday Party!

Just say '{spa}aaahhhhhh!"
What a relaxing birthday party!!
We lit candles, played relaxing {spa} music
and darkened the room...
Guests arrived and were walked through how to apply their facial masks.

Then they soaked their tired feet and were
treated to a pedicure.
They decorated flip flops with lime green and
pink fabric and ribbons so they'd
have something to wear home as their pedicures dried.
They also had a little hair flair added thanks to our friend Saucy.

Gift opening was determined by 'spin the nail-polish bottle.'

Vanilla cupcakes with lime green and pink vanilla butter cream frosting mmmm!

Guests took home a personalized bottle of water
(thanks Sassy)
and a 'slice of birthday cake' filled with lime green and pink Jellybelly beans, personalized kisses, a lip gloss and a lime green and pink cupcake necklace
that CJ made for each guest.
(We'll post the goodies tomorrow.)

CJ had a great day and said "it was the best day of her life!!"

I cannot believe that my daughter is already 7!!
I love you so much!!
Happy Birthday!


Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Adorable party!

sassy said...

best day of her life! love it!

Saucy said...

Happy Birthday CJ, have a wonderful year! xoxo