Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea

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Father's Day!!

This is one of the things the girls made
Moto-Moto for Father's Day a
shirt! They made him a shirt similar to this for his birthday and he wears it ALL the time so CJ decided to make another.

You will need:
  • shirt
  • bleach in a spray bottle (I used it regular strength and didn't water it down at all, I wanted to see the change right away!)
  • spray adhesive
  • letters
~ you have to find letters that will be to scale on the shirt you are making. Moto-Moto is a big guy so we needed something that would work but not so big that it took up the whole front of the shirt (like the first one we made.) You could get foamy letters from $rama that are self stick or go to your local scrapbook store and use the die cut machine or cut them out by hand.
  • extra paper to mask off ANY area that you don't want to be bleached (remember to put some in between the layers of the shirt!)

Go outside!!
Arrange the letters on the shirt and mask off the area!
Turn the letters over and spray them with adhesive, place them back onto the shirt pressing down so you don't get any bleach bleeding under them.

Spray the bleach over the shirt and let it mist down for a more subtle effect. For a more dramatic change mist it right over the shirt but be careful as there can be some big drops of bleach come out.

See it starting to change colour?!

Carefully remove the paper.
Remember wherever you get bleach the colour will come out!

I only waited about 2-3 minutes for this.

When you are happy with how it looks run (don't walk)
to the sink and rinse it out immediately!
Then throw into the washing machine
and give it a good wash.
Ta da!

And for an added little detail:

The year he became a Dad!
It's on the back in a little circle just under the collar.

This is such a great, quick project that you'll be able to make a few in time for Father's Day.
Make sure you let me know what you made.
And if you can think of any other sayings share those with me too!!


sassy said...

ooo, I LOVE it! We have to try this!

sassy said...

ok, I've tired this twice and am now out to look for a new shirt again. I stink with bleach. I will master this........or become transparent trying! (get it, becasue I've used so much bleach!)

Kari said...

Thanks for the wonderful charms....the little bite marks- LOVE IT =-)

your so creative... maybe there will be time to get together over the summer... I want to have my friends and kids over for a BIG back yard movie- Dive in style... I will keep you posted..

Anonymous said...

Thanks JL for the charms...very cute!! I will make some more of my ice cream charms to pass along to you!! Enjoy your last 3 days of school!