Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Happy First Day of Summer!

It was a beautiful hot day here!

The girls and I make a
'summer fun' list
in our journals every year.
But these framed lists have been popping up everywhere in blogland (here is one place) so we decided to copy out our list, throw in some patterned paper and stick it in a frame.

(you can double click the picture to see what' on our list)

What's on your 'summer fun' list?!


Doreen said...

I LOVE your list!! What in the world is bubble tea? And did I read tan-too? What a fun idea!!! Wish I had thought of that when we went to the beach Friday! Love your list and your girls are ADORABLE!!!!

Jerri-Lea said...

Bubble tea is a cold tea based drink with added fruit or milk. We like ours with pearls (large tapioca pearls, usually black). We had the best bubble tea at Bubble Mania in Calgary AB.
The tan-too was on an episode of CSI believe it or not!! Thought it would be fun for my girls to have a butterfly one! I think the girls are pretty great too! Thanks for stopping by.

sassy said...

love your list!don't forget to add visit Foster and Chantelle! so funny-I made one a few days ago in photoshop and pre posted it for today-I plan to hang up the list and put a photo of us doing each activity near it bulletin board style. great minds thinky a like!

Cheerific said...

Love the idea! I just wanted to pop in again and say thank you so much for the snow cone and popsicle charms from Saucy's swap!! They are adorable!!


KBDT said...

That list is a great idea! I love that it is something you can put up and have fun checking off rather than just a plain jane piece of paper stuck to the fridge. I'm not surprised you would come up with something like this! Why didn't we have a summer fun list when I was a kid?!?! :) :) :)