Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa Claus Parade

We started our tradition last year by starting with brunch downtown (that way we are able to park our car on the parade route). I was dishing CD up a plate and she was yelling at me across the restaurant "Mommy see me? Mommy get me food?" She enjoyed the herb crusted pork loin the best!

CJ did a good job of picking a balanced brunch herself and did NOT enjoy the pork loin but had a few helpings of the little oven roasted potatoes and pickled beets. Dessert was a big hit!

Quick little photo shoot by the fireplace.

Nice and bundled for the parade, Moto-Moto and I joined them for a cuddle to enjoy the parade together.

There he is! It's Santa!

The girls had their pictures with Santa while Mrs. Claus and I visited. She was quite interested on how I made the girls Christmas ruffle jeans. Maybe they will be a big trend and elves will be busy working on them for next year!?

CJ was the winner of the parade colouring contest for the second year in a row! She told me, "Mommy, it's all about the glitter. That's why I won!" Maybe I'll try a little on the next lottery ticket I buy! She picked up her prize from Santa after the parade and she got...

Hal Moose from Build-a-Bear sporting his winter outfit!

It's a great start to the Christmas season!
So while we get ready to decorate for Christmas this weekend...

Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbours!


jkddz said...

I didn't notice you guys all bundled up =) Danica's baton club was in the parade again.. and they got best performance again ! but this year I got suckered into being with the girls in the parade...

and i agree its all about the GLITTER.. =P

sassy studio said...

woohooo! 1st place! atta girl my little artist! when's our date!?
thanks for the comment JL-I din not go back and add the fact that my dear son insisted on wearing my pearls as he sat on the potty later on......I am still smiling about the picture of him wearing nothing but my pearls on his little yellow potty!

Jenn said...

You guys know how to rock the Santa parade! I am definitely taking note for next year. Congrats on winning the contest. She must have been over the moon!

PS. Love the ruffles!

Saucy said...

Loopy and I are LOL's (as she says, laughing out loud) about the glitter remark... it IS all about the glitter. Smart gal you have there!