Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Pumpkin

the costumes

the family


Thanks friends for all the wonderful
Halloween Treats!!

Tomorrow CD's 2nd Birthday Party! She had lots of fun and fell asleep as
soon as she was put to bed! It was nice to have her special friend
The Sprout! Hope you had fun even though you were a little under the weather.


sassy studio said...

great costumes! McD can't stop talking about "the best Mom and Dad" from the party today. I hheard all about the games-helped eat the yummy cookies and teared up over story time......soundslike my boys didn't miss me even for a second! Thanks for a stress free afternoon knowing they were safe and loved!
xox sassy

Saucy said...

You guys were so cute! Thanks for dropping by. It made my night so much more fun, otherwise it was a blur of driving, answering the door and more driving. We were all glad to see you.