Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Cakes!!

The other night my darling 2 year old
wheeled out her luggage and said,

"Bye Mommy. Saucy's house. Make me little cakes!"

Now, I've made me some cupcakes around here and learned from the best but I guess they just aren't as good as Saucy's!! We ran into Saucy and the Fan on the weekend at the
fancy schmancy garden store downtown
while browsing for Christmas decorating ideas and I told them the story.... well just look what was delivered today!!

Little Cakes!!

She knew right away who they were from and was THRILLED!

What a lucky little girl!!
She definitely loves her LITTLE CAKES from SAUCY!

Thanks again for such a
sweet treat for our little lady!


Jenn said...

what a very sweet little story!

Just look at that smile. It says it all!

Saucy said...

Oh my I am so glad she enjoyed them. You know, it was silly of me to drop them at work. I forgot that you weren't there in the afternoons much later and was absolutely appalled with myself. Talk about a senior moment! I should have just called you up and brought them around to your place but no, I decided to drive them all the way to your work... silly me and you had them a day late. Gah!