Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Treasured Farewell

It occurred to me that CJ has been out of school for a month already!

Her end of year farewell was a pirate theme which she was thrilled with, she and Moto-Moto play pirates regularly. She had the perfect outfit to wear ~ her pink glitter skull & crossbones shirt, jean skirt
& white with black heart-crossbone leggings.

Our teacher gifts were treasure boxes filled with sand, gold coins, jewels, a special treasure map thank-you from CJ and a gift card for Starbucks. (Hope you all enjoyed a cool beverage on us!)

For the snack table we made pirate ship & skull-crossbones cookies.

After a trip to the spray park CJ came home to a surprise
"Welcome Summer" banner
(wish I could remember who to give credit to.)

It's hard to believe that summer holidays are nearly 1/2 over!!!
Off for a splash tomorrow with The Sprout & Sassy!


sassy studio said...

oooooo!c I Love love love the treasure chest-you are amazing-truely so creative and kind! See you today!

Saucy said...

Have a good splash with my peeps!

Loopy loves the skull and crossbone cookies, of course. She is so punk rock sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi the banner was in Family Fun magazine than on a couple of blogs ! Enjoying your blog by the way. Dina