Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beaver Creek Hike

We went for a trial hike with the baby backpack for CD.
We were welcomed to Beaver Creek with fresh out of the Solar Oven chocolate chip cookies!! They were delish!

CJ educated us on what she knew about solar energy
and learned a few new facts.

Of course CD was happy because there was food!

I must say that the baby backpack is the way to go when walking on nature trails, last time we tried carrying CD and switching off. This was much easier... well for me anyway! I got to take lots of pictures!

See, I was there too!

We even got to see a beaver taking a break from his den building.

Back up at the interpretive center, the girls stopped to make fish prints!

No real, live fish were harmed in the making of this craft,
they used rubber replicas!
(Though I must confess in my Playground Leader
days we did this craft with some from the grocery store fish department! It was when the Spice Girls were popular and all the girls at the park glammed up their fish like their favorite Spice Girl.)

It was quick trip but a fun one!

Back in town we had "fish and chips" for supper.
Tee hee.


jkddz said...

starts today!!! Wednesday
2-6pm Thurs and friday..... things are going fast

427 Beerling Cres

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day! I LOVE solar ovens, bread fresh from my solar oven is amazing. How were the cookies?

jkddz said...

the games are still there..want me to set them aside...and kids grab bags are now 25cents full of little toys-mainly McDs but great to hand out on a rainy day at the lake ;) they are marked and sorted for boys/girls and under 2


sassy studio said...

what a great day...was that real sunshine, wow! I too love solar ovens, I made one out of a pizza box with a class once and made smores-your cookies are way more high tech! I'd love to see how! Does moto moto love the backpack too- the sprout thinks he wants one now!

Saucy said...

My favourite shot is the one of Moto-Moto with his little ladies!

You used real fish back in the day? Ewww! I'm impressed again with your wilderness skills.

Barb Lawless said...

Well, hello there Jerri-Lea! I'm one of those "slacker" bloggers and only post once in a while and never think to check my blog for comments. But to my surprise, saw a comment from you, so thks!...It was nice to meet you too and I often think about how fun it was meeting new people through blog world. You have two adorable daughters and I'm intrigued by your must share how you did it...a tutorial perhaps!?

Amanda said...

Hi Jerry-Lea! .. just saw your comment on my blog.. and YES.. I TOTALLY know the "red double-decker bus!!" .. how cool is that?!!.. not very often in "blog-land" you run into an actual "neighbor"! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And ya.. my blog acts up sometimes and doesn't allow comments on some posts.. weird, but I haven't been able to figure it out.. arrgh. Hope you're having a good summer... FINALLY some good weather!! woo hooo!! ps.. your girls are adorable! :)