Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pop Star Photo Shoot

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After CJ's birthday party we went on a photo shoot. We found this great graffiti wall on a business downtown. At first CJ would not get out of the car "I'm NOT having my picture taken there!" Until I told her she could jump off the curb and act like HM. We got some great photos in the 10minutes before the rain came down!! We'll definitely be going back again for some more poses with her now MUCH shorter hair and pierced ears!
(Thanks to Sassy for the collage idea... I may have to subscribe to this so it can be posted to look much cleaner and nice like yours!!)


Saucy said...

She looks fan-tastic!

Yes, little ladies look at funky old walls like that and jump to the wrong conclusions. They have to see some pictures before they are convinced. I bet she is convinced now! The colours on the wall rock perfectly with her outfit, what a great shoot!

sassy studio said...

what great pics! she is so sweet! a haircut?! can't wait to see!