Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

CJ made some chocolate shamrock lollipops for a little treat today, she did a great job but had a hard time waiting for them to set up before she could eat it!

Little CD was thrilled with hers and devoured it in no time... no surprise!

CJ was sure that she'd catch a leprechaun this year! She decided she needed that pot of gold so she could go to Disneyworld. She created this trap out of a tall can...

She even made sure that he knew where to get the gold ...

Her gold was glued on top of a paper trap door... "when he falls in there is no way he can get out because it is tall and slippery inside." She made a few homey touches by making him a little cotton bed and using one of her pet shop chairs inside.

At 6:50 this morning I was woken to
"Mommy hurry, I think we got him this year!"

It would appear that he was caught and we were about to collect our pot of gold and start packing when we noticed this tiny little grappling hook on the side.

Darn that little trickster!! He also turned the water in the toilet green as well as the girls yogurt for breakfast... He was nice enough to leave some gold coins, the tiniest note I ever saw, and a St. Patrick's Day outfit for Abasuti (one of CJ's many Build-a-Bears.)
Did any leprechauns visit your house?


Anonymous said...

I'm not Irish but I have all the luck in the world. Just look at the smile on those little sweethearts. JL you've given me something worth more than all Gold in the world. Thank You, XOXOXO.


Saucy said...

I really think that Little Leprechaun was up to all sorts of tricks at your place. I hope he left a good bit for your Disney fund ;) Miss CJ has the right idea. Perhaps the Easter Bunny will also make a donation.

sassy studio said...

brilliant as moto's comment melts hearts too.....i can't believe we haven't gotten together yet....April for sure ok! Keep the creative ideas coming!