Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring!!

CJ and I are hoping that by creating these dragonflies we can hurry Spring on her way to town. We found the great idea to make dragonflies out of Starburst candies here . If for whatever reason that link isn't working on your end try it this way We've packaged them up and they are ready to take flight to spread some spring joy. Maybe some will make their way to your house!

Tomorrow is Moto-Moto's birthday... wait and see what CJ has planned for that!


sassy studio said...

enter those in a magazine contest for spring! soooo sweet!

Saucy said...

We adored our mallomar! Is that what you call them? I think my Great Grandmother called them that and at any rate, they are Veto's favourite cookie ever, so you know how it ended.

Thanks a bunch! Happy Spring!

sassy studio said...

i got one i got one! mc dreamy found it first and i let him open it.....gretel loves chocolate so it was promised toher if she had a good day at school -beenhaving a rough time lately....good news..he communication book said shehad a GREAT day...i just know it was because of the treat to come home too! Thanks gals!

Jerri-Lea said...

Saucy, we just call them "Puffy Cookies" no idea what they are called, my Grandma's fav were Digestive Cookies!

Glad that Gretel had a good day and was able to enjoy the treat!! CJ is taking packages to her teacher and the 3 EAs in her room, they really turned out well! Look forward to a visit Sassy!

Wish we could take a visit to Target! Or Hobby Lobby ... we are on the look out for a large and a small guitar cookie for June if anyone comes across them PLEASE let me know!! Planning the HM birthday party!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the fun Birthday party I had a great time with the girls.

PS: I'm contacting my lawyer. I recall a binding verbal agreement between you and I also witnessed by CJ in regards to the use of some of those pictures. I'll call "Jackie" he'll cancel his afternoon.
I'm sure I have a case. ;)