Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Moto-Moto!

Yesterday Moto-Moto celebrated his birthday Dino-style ! CJ decided that he should have a dinosaur party "not because he's old, because I'm studying dinosaurs at school." So, we planned a picnic trip to the University and had lunch in the "Dinosaur Building" (Geology Building) among the dinosaur fossils.

We wanted to make a huge sub so we baked our bread in this ...

We wanted to decorate him more with cucumbers for spikes and other veggies but Moto-Moto doesn't like them so this is what he ended up looking like...

CJ also made and iced dinosaur cookies for dessert... she even made extra to share with her class tomorrow on their last day of dinosaurs.

We love walking around the University and we LOVE Moto-Moto...

Back at home CJ planned to free a dinosaur from the Ice Age, notice the protective eye wear ~ that's my girl~safety first!

Moto-Moto wanted brownies with peanut butter for his cake so we mixed some mini reeses cups into the batter and topped it with a Dinosaur! EASY!!

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for sharing your day and life with me!!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the fun Birthday party I had a great time with the girls.

PS: I'm contacting my lawyer. I recall a binding verbal agreement between you and I also witnessed by CJ in regards to the use of some of those pictures. I'll call "Jackie" he'll cancel his afternoon.
I'm sure I have a case.
;) Moto-Moto

Anonymous said...

What a great party! My little guy is SO into dinosaurs, and was just talking about making some dinosaur cookies. WHERE did you get those cookie cutters and cake pan- I can't find any!!! PS - I also have the stuff to try the starburst spring treats - can't wait! Thanks for all your great ideas, Dena Kasner

Jerri-Lea said...

Thanks Dena! The dino cutters were in my "stash of goodies" or "junk" as Moto-Moto calls it all! And the pan I borrowed... you are more than welcome to borrow them if you'd like!

sassy studio said...

dino-rific ideas girls! my mouth is drooling over that sub! the ice age dino is great......a super teacher idea, you must share that one with cj's teacher!

Saucy said...

Happy Birthday to Moto-Moto who I am pretty sure we have never seen before on the blog, have we? Now he is sure to be blogspotted like Veto so prepare him for it! He is awfully handsome.

What a cool party! I used to bake bread in Wilton football pans for Superbowl parties I made really big sandwiches. It's trickier than it looks so I know you did well! I have cursed many a fine rented pan in my day.

Anonymous said...

Hi former neighbour,
You are amazing. That b-day party looks so fun. Happy birthday to our friend! What great memories you are making for the girls. Again - you are amazing.
Miss our over-the-fence chats and our backyard play-dates.