Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

CJ had a few friends over for a Valentine's Party today. She hasn't seen some of her daycare friends for awhile since Daddy stays home in the morning to play with the girls and I'm home in the afternoon. When the girls first got here we played: CJ has been waiting to play Twister with someone who is way more flexible than her Mom! None of the girls had played before but were anxious to try and had a great time!!

Craft time ~ we decorated our "Love Shacks". We didn't make any gingerbread houses at Christmas time so I pulled out our gingerbread village cookie cutters (found at a garage sale for $3) and made a little shack for each of the girls. I think they ate as much candy as ended up on their shack!

Viola, finished "Love Shacks". You're all singing the song right now aren't you!?

"Valentine Colours" was our next game, thanks D for the idea, the girls loved it! We started with "pink", player one touches something pink and sits down. Player two touches the pink item selected by player one then a pink item of her own, player three touches items by player one and two and one of her own etc, etc. Lots of fun! Then we played "Pink heart, pink heart, who has the pink heart?" (Our Valentine version of "Button, Button").

Snack was little heart shaped chocolate bowls filled with strawberries topped with whipped cream and their initial. I'm quite happy with how the bowls turned out. I picked up the heart silicone form at Dollarama (it was a dollar) then poured a couple of tablespoons of melting chocolate in it and brushed it up the sides. A couple minutes in the freezer to set up and carefully released them. The initial topper was an idea from pal Saucy . And of course they had "love potion" in pink sugar rimmed cups.

We ended with The Frog Prince puppet show and some giggles!! Hope you girls had fun!

Thank you Auntie Viki for ALL your help!!
After supper tonight CJ thought it time to demolish the Love Shack, she thought it was pretty tasty!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks JL for a fun-filled afternoon. Brooke had a fabulous time at the Valentine Party and it sounds like we'll be hosting a Easter Egg Hunt(at least that's all Brooke has planned for now) Thanks again!!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOPS!! I forgot to thank CJ for being a wonderful hostess!!!


sassy studio said...

what a great party! chocolate bowls filled with berries....brilliant!

Saucy said...

What an amazing party! That looks like too too much fun - especially the Pink Twister! And the love shacks. Yes, you've got me humming it... the MRCI cheerleaders danced to it in 1998!

PS. I got those silicone heart molds too!

Anonymous said...

The valentine party looks amazing. Wish we were still neighbours as I know Lourdes would have loved to have been there. You are sooooo creative and an amazing mom!! Miss you.