Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Class Treats

As promised, here are the Giant RK Kisses we made for CJ's class treats on Friday. (When I pulled out the recipe it occured to me that I've been creating these for well over 10 years! I think that we first made them at the home where I nannied. "My" oldest boy has a birthday on February 13th and he took them as his birthday treat in grade 1 ... well that young boy is turning 20 this week!! Happy Birthday Jon! Yikes, how time flies! )

I struggled with how to get a good picture of them, the foil really threw things off. BUT here it is:

You need a few funnels, available anywhere ~ the cheaper the better!

Caramel RK Treats
16 cups of Rice Krispies (set aside in a huge bowl)
I thought that I had regular RK but it turns out that all I had was the
Holiday RK so my kisses look a little festive ... wrong holiday though!!
Tee Hee. They'll taste fine and I'm sure the class won't care!

Add together:
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup butter or margarine
1 3/4 cups light corn syrup
Boil 3 minutes, remove from heat.
Add one can sweetened condensed milk.
Boil 3 additional minutes.
Pour over RK and mix well.
Form kisses by first greasing your chosen size of funnel (first time only). Scoop up the RK mixture.

Then turn onto waxed paper immediately. Do this approximately 49 more times. (I used the itty-bitty funnel for most of them but made a huge one for Moto-Moto. I think that it would make about 50 class treat size ones.)

Let set up for at least on hour but beware of little ones helping themselves!

I give them a flip to dry the bottoms too and leave them another 1/2 hour. Clean up the dishes, making sure you get all the caramel off the spoon.

Wrap them with foil, add a little personalized note in light blue font so it's like the real deal. Well, I'm off to finish cleaning the kitchen without my helpers and continue to wrap the rest for Friday's party.


Saucy said...

Now seriously... that is just so darn clever! It's too late for this year, we are doing cake pops that look like cupcakes. Have you seen the iPod "rock candy" favours on I wish I had the time for that!

sassy studio said...

great idea! your helpers are too cute!