Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Hope you spend your day snuggled up with those you love!!


Saucy said...

Is that a randomly heart-shaped ice bit or did you make it heart-shaped... I just never know with you! CJ looks adorable with it and so fun with the shades ;)

Thanks for the fortune goodie in our mailbox! I got back from doing my rounds and had seen one dangling from Sassy's mailbox, I was pretty excited! Loopy had a sleepover at Gramma's house so I'm waiting 'til she gets home to open it!


sassy studio said...

thanks so much for the vday treat! that is so funny about the yoda quote! All your vday ideas are amazing!

Anonymous said...

CJ and I found that flat peice of ice on our way into the house one day. It was roughly shaped like a heart and I rubbed it on the cement stairs to fine tune it. Once we were satisfied with the final shape we presented to Mommy.

Moto Moto