Friday, September 19, 2008


I was inspired to start a new blog showcasing my craftiness and time as a Mom to my wonderful daughters. We love spending time together and CJ is getting to an age where she wants to craft with Mommy. We try to get projects completed but with little sister CD interrupting us it takes a little longer than we had planned. Still, we love creating together, go through lots of glitter and we often get carried away and a little silly. Giggles erupt from where ever we are in the house.

It's never to young to start creating. Here CD is with big sister's Aqua Doodle and quite proud of herself!
I am so blessed to have these two beautiful little ladies in my life!

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Saucy said...

Ooooh! Am I the very first to comment on your new and wonderful blog - what a hobby blogging is, it will bring you so much enjoyment and the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people. Your girls will love it too and you will be able to scroll back through your archives from time to time and enjoy your online journaling. The best part about blogging (if you are a scrapbooker) is that it forces you to use your journaling too! Welcome to our world... have fun!