Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Day Riding

We were lucky enough to visit a friend's farm. CJ had fun with the kittens.I think that CD wanted to take this one home.
We LOVE Skip! What a beautiful, gentle animal he is. He gave us so many hugs! What a great first experience for the girls to have around horses. We are so glad.
This was CJ's first time on a horse and she loved it! She felt so comfortable and looks like a pro. As soon as her ride was over she wondered when we could come back again.
Skip and CD posing for a picture. I cannot believe how good he was with the "city girls".

One of Daddy, he was feeling a little nervous with his little girl riding. It was a great day, the weather was perfect and the girls had so much fun! What a wonderful family memory we created! Thanks M, D, K, & A and Auntie Viki.

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Saucy said...

Kittens AND horses! Darn, I'm allergic. I miss out on all that cute.