Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Cookie Pizza

We picked up a few things after school and got started whipping up our Halloween Cookie Pizza:
Our jumbo cookie started with our basic chocolate chip cookie dough, we added some white chocolate chips, toasted some mini marshmallows the top, sprinkled a few candy corns and CJ finished it off with caramel and chocolate syrup. Oh, my teeth hurt thinking about it!
Here's the finished cookie. CD looks like she's ready to devour it!
CJ enjoying her masterpiece, mmm it's gooey!
CD did enjoy her own cookie, the baby kind, not the candy filled one!

1 comment:

Saucy said...

Love the Halloween tee... I need me one of them! That cookie pizza looks downright yummy. I wondered how it got gooey but the marshmallows did it I suppose!