Friday, August 17, 2012

Road Trip 2012

 Vacay 2012

We were so excited to take our BIG holiday this summer...
it was to celebrate my (cough 40th cough) birthday!!

We took 3 weeks to drive from home to Disneyland in California (through Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona) then back home up the west coast through California, Oregon, Washington,  British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan.
It was AMAZING! The girls did such a great job traveling! 

We left home on July 20th after stopping in Speedy Creek to see CJ's BFF at their new home. BFF's Mom made us a great lunch and we had a visit (something we do really well) and started our journey.
(taken by Bff's Mom)

Some of the scenery through Montana & Idaho...

Idaho Falls

The 1st official stop on our itinerary was a fabulous cupcake shop in Layton UT... you know how much we LOVE our CUPCAKES!
It did not disappoint! (They were Saucy-worthy, she'd be proud!)

We spent lots of time admiring all the choices and chatting to the sweet girl behind the counter ~ Crystal. She gave us all a free Cakebites for our first visit... we tried Fairyfetti (CD) , Coconut (moi), Rootbeer (CJ)  and Peanut Butter (Moto-Moto).

(Florence the Friendship Fairy joined us on our trip.)
It was hard to decide what to get next... the girls choice to have "Cupshakes"... oh yes, a beautiful, delicious cupcake perfectly blended together with soft serve ice cream to create a DELISH summer treat! They were SO good! I wish I could have brought some home to share... they were THAT good!!

We went back again on our way out of town on Day 3 hoping they might be open on Sunday but no luck!

Day 3:

We started our drive to Vegas with a little surprise detour to: 

Can you guess what we saw?
(a real and true guess, do not 'google' it!)

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Saucy said...

We are glad tHe cupcakes did not disappoint.... now we would like to try making cupshakes! Let's get together and try it! Oh... and are you around tomorrow? I have sumthin' sumthin' to drop off.

PS Loopy Googled it and she's totally jealous. Nice work ;)