Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 3:

We drove programmed our GPS with the address we wanted to go to but it turned out to be such a new area it wasn't found... luckily there were some Moms in a park with their kids that were able to give us directions. So after driving around Herriman UT for an hour looking for  it we finally arrived at:

 "The UP House"

The girls were watching the movie when we pulled up and were pretty surprised when they got out and turned around (CD had a little meltdown because she had to stop watching the movie & took a little longer to finally realize what was right in front of her.)

We continued our drive to...
Vegas Baby!

Thanks to Music Teacher who suggested we stay at the Stratosphere ($35 on a Sunday night and no, I didn't need to take my own sheets or toilet paper. ha)

We took the (crazy Willy Wonka  21 mph) elevator to the 108th floor to look around Vegas.. that was high!!

Since this was our first visit and the girls wanted to see the lights we strolled The Strip ...

Day 4:
The princesses were excited to visit the 4 floors of the M&M store.

Quick photo of the Statue of Liberty and we were on our way to see our pals at Disneyland.

We didn't lose our shirt in Vegas but did somehow lose our GPS so we had to find our way to Disneyland without it... I was surprised that there was no HUGE signage to help us get to the right area! Fortunately I had a paper map and we arrived safely...

Can you guess what we did on Day 5 (& 6 & 7)?

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Saucy said...

The teacup ride for sure!!