Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat Tuesday Giveaway Week Three

One of our favorite shows is Word World.
(Click on the link for the WordWorld interactive site.)
If you have wee ones it is a fantastic show on PBS where
"words co
me alive."
This is a description of Word World taken from the
PBS parent's site:
"WordWorld aims to fascinate children with words and to inspire a love of words and reading. Featuring loveable, silly characters called WordFriends who embark on adventures in a world of words, WordWorld encourages presch
oolers to see words as their friends, too."

We were lucky enough to find a couple of dvds on our trip ~ Welcome to WordWorld and Race to Mystery Island. I wish we found more. If you've seen them around here let us know, I'd love to pick up the rest for CD!!

This week's Trick or Treat Tuesday is:
Spooky Kooky Halloween.
Leave us a comment and we'll make the draw on Friday!
Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Word World is a hit in our house as well!!! Josh loves it and it's very educational(:

Anonymous said...

Claire and I have watched word world a few times and I think it's great...going to PVR it right now!

Lucy and Co. said...

ooh! my daughter loves word world! *fingers crossed!*
anne :o)

Jenn said...

We love this show! And a Halloween version...well you know how I might feel about that :)

What a very sweet giveaway!

Anonymous said...

We've actually found a few different ones at the Superstore. I have the Christmas one and one more which my kids love. Sandra Kindergarten Teacher

Juanita said...

Love your blog and all your creativity!! Word World is a huge hit in our house as well ;)

Richelle H. said...

We are a big fan too! With this great weather want to meet for a playdate with the kids?

sassy said...

looks great-maybe we can have movie night( in the afternoonish thougth!)