Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trick or Treat Tuesday Giveaway Week Two

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving spending time with loved ones, family & friends
or enjoying the long weekend doing what makes you happy.

We made a trip down to ND to spend some family time together, check out the zoo, swim in the hotel pool
and of course do some shopping.
The girls came home with a plastic tub full of clothing and some fun snacks that we don't get up here. We thought we should share so this week we are making two draws...

one for the Candy Corn flavour Hershey kisses

and one draw for the Carmel Apple Hershey Kisses.

I'm sad to report that we found NO Pumpkin Spice Kisses this year... that's how good they are!! None in Bismarck nor Minot!! Maybe next time!!!

Leave us a comment to
let us know which you'd prefer and how you'd use them.
We'll make the draw on Friday am before school
Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip!! I've never seen either of the kisses...can't wait to head down their for black friday!!

Melissa said...

wow...I have never even heard of those!! Maybe my hips would be happier if they still hadnt. LOL! I LOVE candy corn and would love to try them!! I would share!

sassy said...

you went where? how did I not sneak into your suitcase! those treats look perfect for study breaks....if I can actually ever have one! ugg.

Anonymous said...

You always find the COOLEST things be it craft ideas or treats you can't find in Canada!

Kari said...

Yummmy.... I just cleaned up some of my baking shelf and found a bag of the kisses with the cherry gooey goodness inside! interesting flavors... they would not last 2 minutes with little Miss. Dj =)

Anonymous said...

yummy, I love candy corn.... but hey, two both flavors sound awesome:)
Of course I'd share with family:]

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerri-Lea...you are so much fun! I would have to say that I like the carmel apple and I would mix it in the topping for my apple crisp...then if Viki sees this I would likely have to share with her...have a great day and hope to see you soon...Emi

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to enter? I've seen those around lately but never ever get to try them.

Moto Moto