Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday ... Me!

It started the night before, teehee. Saucy had us over for some treats and a visit. (Sassy, I picked up that cheese and it is already 1/2 gone!! CJ loves it!) I only planned on staying a little while BUT we had so much fun and laughed so hard!! (Ask KAGS she'll tell you!) Next thing I knew it was 1:45 AM!! Yikes! So much fun, thanks Saucy!!

My family treated me to a very special day!
Moto-Moto asked what I wanted for my birthday ~ Michael Buble to sing me Happy Birthday and a salad from Moxies. First thing in the morning (after I was woken by my princesses) I heard that incredible voice singing to me... well to someone n
ames "Emily" but close enough. (Michael did sing to my cousin while she worked at the Auditorium. She is so lucky!)

Then breakfast of fresh carrot muffins, fruit salad, cheeses and
with LOTS of pulp was waiting for me.

Moto-Moto thought it funny to give me this card...

I'm not THAT old! If you notice he cut it in half!!! Very clever!

My dear friend Viki (aka my wife) made me my favourite soup,
r potatoe dill! SO GOOD!

We spent the day visiting and playing, receiving my birthd
ay wishes from near and far.
More food! Supper was a delicious medium rare steak, butternut
fresh multigrain bread and a fancy salad.

The girls were waiting for dessert, chocolate brownie with Turtle ice cream. MMMM

OH, the gifts. The girls got me memory cards for my camera
and a clip on light for the craft room.
Moto-Moto wants to spoil me with this

or this HP netbook.

I don't know... I think it's way too much!!! Any suggestions??


Saucy said...

Had we known it was your special day at the stroke of midnight, we'd have broken into song! I feel so bad.

Regarding your gift from the generous Moto-Moto, you couldn't go wrong with either... but maybe the mixer. Think of the cupcakes.

Jerri-Lea said...

I am leaning that way! Kitchenaid has a rebate on some of the mixers so a visit to Sears to look around is on the list of "to dos" today.

KAGS Herself said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jerri Lea! Id take that Kitchen Aid and have lots of fun fun fun with it!
Oh yeah and how come I get the blame for all the laughs

Jenn said...

Happy belated b-day Jerri-Lea. So what did you end up getting? Man that's a tough choice. I am hugely partial to my laptop so I would be leaning that way. But a beautiful shiny nee Kitchen Aid would be heaven.

Anonymous said...

How could I make my wonderful wife choose. She now has both.

Just don't tell her that I've logged more time on the Netbook than her and of course someone has to test all the great baking.

Wait a minute did I just type that out loud?