Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Clean Fun

My friend who teaches kindergarten gave me this idea...

spread a whole bunch of shaving cream on the table and let the kids go wild.
We used the cheapest yet most unscented stuff we could find.
HINT: make sure you smell the stuff first ~ there is some really terrible "old-man-cologne" stuff out there.

It is such a great activity for the girls outside in the summer.
They can make words in it on the picnic table, little soft sculptures OR

use it as lotion which CD does a lot of.

It is super easy to clean up with the garden hose and the table always comes out super clean afterwards.


sassy studio said...

I love this idea! I remember doing it with my K's and the room smelled soooo good!
The candy apples might be best done one evening while the kiddos sleep because it involves very hot liquid candy.....CJ can always help by picking out the perfect apples and wrapping up the goodies. Supplies are clear corn syrup(hunt superstore), white sugar, sticks, apples and food colouring. Easy huh! McDreamy had to cut our sticks in half and I did find a few unpointy dowls at $rama. I am free Tues and Wed!

jkddz said...

I did it with Daycare... you use to be able to buy colored and fruit scented spray foam( same as shaving cream) just a way better smelling kind... same as playdough... I always make it with grape Kool-aid to color and scent it.... YUMMY

Happy Birthday too BTW =)
thats a hard choice but LOVE my candy apple red mixer! with the vintage glass bowl!

Saucy said...

What a good idea. I used to give Loopy those crayon soaps but only outside in the paddling pool. They were gunky in the bathtub I thought.