Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fairy Party 2008

We've been
busy girls but having so much fun! Last weekend we had a
family BBQ and celebrated the Sprout's First Birthday!
We are busy planning CJ's 6th birthday~ Hannah Montana theme.
Here's what we did for her 5th last year:

We started the morning with Chocolate Birthday Waffles!

The invitations were super simple.

The poem says:

Come to where the fairies roam,
A beautiful place they call their home.
The happy fairies will dance and play
To celebrate
CJ’s 5th birthday!

Sunday June 22nd



The party’s at 11:00,

please say you’ll fly by

CJ’s fairy godmother

awaits your reply!

Favor bags with fairy dust and other little treasures in organza bags.

The fairy wand is Rice Krispie treats dipped in pink chocolate and sprinkles with the note that reads "Thank you for the gift, it was fairy sweet of you!"

Fairy cake (of course) with flower cupcakes.

My dear cousin picked up this little fairy costume for CJ.
(She also found me a pink grad gown from the 80's which I didn't get around to wearing!)

We made toad stools for the girls to sit on for lunch but played
Musical Toadstools first.

A Fairy hunt ...
Lunch was leaf shaped sandwiches, veggies, strawberry lady bugs and
Fairy fizz punch. We rimmed the glasses with pink sugar and put
Pop rocks in the bottom of the glasses so when the punch was poured in
it started to crack and snap. The girls thought it was pretty magical!

A flower ribbon pull pinata... didn't think it was right to have a bunch of
fairies bashing at at pinata!

It is always so much fun planning her parties! I think she has themes picked until she is 10!

It's hard to believe a year has gone past already! Kindergarten farewell this month and then off to grade one in the fall!! Wow! You sure have grown up quickly! We are so proud of you!!
Love you CJ!


Saucy said...

That looks like a smashing fairy party! The ribbon pull pinata was very smart for a bunch of fairies.

sassy studio said...

the wands, I love the wands! I am a huge pinyata fan too!
do you really like the pics? I look horrible in the family one, hopefully there are more!