Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cupcake Saturday and A Hootenanny

It was a busy, hot afternoon of baking and frosting. It started with
good old game of hide and seek for our friends to find us... sorry
about the tour you had to take to find the kitchen!
walked us through how to make Camo-Cupcakes and
Red Velvet Elvis Cupcakes for Father's Day.
Thank you Saucy for ALL your planning, prepping, and
hosting this great event for us!

Look how great they turned out!

CJ was thrilled to give them to Dad!

Look at the sweet card from Karen. She must have designed it to look great
with the Red Velvet Elvis cupcakes!
She is one crafty lady!!
Thank you!
(Leave me a comment so I can link back to you!)

I must admit that I was running things a little Commando there for a bit,
trying to hurry us along. Sorry ladies! You did a great job and it was nice to meet you!

I had to run off to take CJ to her final guitar lesson... a Hootenanny!
CJ's instructor Duane and his family hosted a campfire sing-a-long for all this year's students and their families. The girls had so much fun and CJ is planning what we'll be singing when we go camping! (Yes, camping Saucy!!)

It was a fun, busy, good day!!


jkddz said...

HI.. gotta look for the contact information for the lady we got them from... but here is the company that makes all the aprons.... looks like the same prices.. but its the shipping/customs that can get you...
thanks for the day yesterday! My daughter want to take guitar lessons too... she has a pink guitar and the Hanna Montana neck strap and pics!!

the apron link is:

jkddz said...

sorry me again.. light bulb went on and I remembered:
sisters leap tea...

jkddz said...

Neck strap/picks and pink guitar at Toys R Us.... we just did a HM party in December! even printed out 5X7 photos of HM for the goody bags! and we played Disney sing it for the Wii...(the girls rocked out to the Hm songs and the Ali and AJ ones too)

We had the HM birthday banner... have to look if we still have it.. your welcome to have it.. if I can locate it.. when's the party?

KAGS Herself said...

I really hope you weren't running around commando Jerri Lea!
Thanks for all your hard work yesterday I enjoyed every moment of it and I'm glad you liked the card too!

Jerri-Lea said...

Ha ha ha!