Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 17 Part 3

 A little further down the highway...
Good-bye California, Hello Oregon
 We stopped at the Oregon Sand Dunes

Yet another reminder what to do in the event of a Tsunami or earthquake...
 We stopped just outside of Florence at one of the many beach entrances of the sand dunes... it is hard to walk up & down those hills! Good work out!!

 The tide was SUPER strong and washed LOTS of shells on the shore but because of it`s power many were broken but the girls collected enough to share with the cousins and BFF.

 The rest of us were cuddled in our hoodies and jackets while Moto-Moto was quite comfortable in his t-shirt! He walked way out and brought back some intact shells.
 Back up and over...

 CD was exhausted so slid down and when she got to the bottom was a few pounds heavier with all the sand that made it`s way into her clothing!

Off for supper at A&W which didn`t serve our favorite Uncle Burger but you could get SHRIMP! Go figure!

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