Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make-It Monday Reveal

Remember this from Make-It Monday?!

It's ....

Dinosaur World!!!

The girls made it for their friend The Sprout who had a dino-mite birthday party today!!

We found the idea months ago here
The hardest part was finding a hard shell suitcase that would work... it was tricky to find one that was divided in half and have hinges that would allow it to open all the way so it would lay flat on the floor.

We first started by setting in our form to make the volcano and caves (there are 3 but only little hands will be able to sneak a dinosaur into the hidden 3rd cave.)
Next I sprayed the forms with "Great Stuff"
expanding foam... it will keep on expanding so be careful!

Once it was dry my princesses painted a base coat in grey then sponged on some black, grey, brown and white to give our caves and volcano some texture.

We added grass and other greenery, a lake and more foam rocks then some dinosaurs and viola....

Dinosaur World!!

We sure hope you have fun playing with all your dinosaurs, pack it up quickly and take it with you wherever you go!! (We think you'll like it at Pa's too.)

Thanks for such a great time at your party!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! I love coming to your page and checking out all the fabulous things you do and make with the girls. I am always amazed at your creativity. You're girls are SO lucky to have such an awesome mom!
We miss being your neighbour!

Anonymous said...

What can I say. You always amazing with your ideas!

sassy said...

BEST present ever! dinoland has not closed since its opening! the pond is full of alligators at thsi very second-you are the most amazing woman I know!